13 Dec

With top quality automotive equipment and tools, vehicle maintenance happens to be an easy job even for a beginner. A whole kit of automotive tools includes a huge range of implements needed for different jobs like maintenance, repair, tuning and in general, to prompt the smooth running of the vehicle. With a onetime investment on a whole set of automotive tools, that includes a jack with a safety valve, a vehicle owner could save on the fees spent on professional tuning and servicing on a yearly basis.

Automotive equipment distributors provide the required tools for sale on their websites or at their outlets. Online distributors offer all kinds of automotive equipment beginning from Hunter wheel alignment and auto lift equipment to wheel balancers, simple power tools, metal-working products, wrenches and many more. Though these tools are available at local outlets, it’s better to get them from dependable online outlets which give quality products at competitive rates and also offer adequate after-sales services.

It is advisable to have a set of automotive tools handy, as vehicle maintenance is a basic requirement rather than an option for the safety and smooth performance of the automobile.

Why should you consider a jack with a safety valve? There’s many benefits here are some tips for using the jack stand safely:

  1. Use the jack for lifting the vehicle

IT’s important to keep in mind that jacks should only be used to lift vehicles and that’s the main function. The jack isn’t supposed to be used to hold the vehicle after it’s been lifted. AS always it’s important to use the right tool/equipment for the right tasks. That’s also true for auto equipment. Make sure that you only use a jack for this function in order to get the best results. It’s not to be used to hold the vehicle in place after it’s been jacked up.

  1. Pick one with a safety valve

When selecting a jack stand there are various features to consider. However, one of the most important ones in terms of safety is the safety valve. When operating any tool/equipment for vehicles it’s important to make sure you’re selecting one with several safety features. One of the most important ones is safety valves. When selecting a unit make sure it has this feature since it’s one of the most critical options to pick. This will help to produce the best results in terms of safe operation.

  1. Don’t’ change tires on highways/freeways

This can be a very serious issue. There’s the chance that you could hit by a passing vehicle. However, you could also be the victim of carjacking. Take the time to get off a highway/freeway before changing your tire.

  1. Block the wheels

This is critical to prevent the car from rolling. You can use different one of various objects like bricks metal wheel chocks, or wooden wedges. What’s important is to block the wheels at the opposite side of the car where you’re at. If you want to save money then consider chocks since they can be purchased at auto supply stores at a low price.

Here’s a helpful tip. Keep whatever blocks you use in your car/truck trunk. Then you won’t have to search endlessly for another option if you get a flat tire and have to work on the vehicle away from your home.

  1. Use jack stands for under-vehicle work

If you’re going to do work underneath a vehicle like changing oil it’s important to make sure you use jack stands. It’s not enough to use a standard jack because it doesn’t have the supports to support the vehicle. This could cause a safety issue, which you probably want to avoid. You can prevent such possible issues by using a jack stand when you have to do work like oil changes and such. This will help to make the task as safe as possible.

This issue can’t be stressed enough. There have been serious injuries caused by people not using a jack stand to life their vehicles. Even if you have a standard jack don’t use it to lift your vehicle. If you don’t want to purchase a jack stand then borrow one or have a professional do your car repairs.