05 Oct

Many people have committed mistakes with sbiancamento denti, or what everyone knows as teeth whitening. The process of whitening teeth takes a lot of time and effort on your part and doing it out of emergency may harm your teeth and gums. Below are some of the common mistakes you must avoid should you engage in whitening your teeth.

Unprincipled Whitening

Avoid bleaching your teeth until you have seen your dentist. He or she will be able to point it out to you whether you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. The dentist will prepare your mouth for the process. The right time for bleaching is after you have went through the process of dental cleaning since the surface of the tooth is clean. A follow-up check-up a couple of weeks later follows in order to allow the dentist to see how the teeth are doing. You might also need some desensitizing agent like the topical fluoride in order to improve the sensitivity of your teeth.

Skipping on the customized dental tray

Going through the tailor-made dental tray that fits snuggly over the teeth is what is right. But when you skip on them and choose the generic one, it can result into swallowed or spilled whitening solution. The results can be very disappointing, not to mention additional expense. The customized tray is the better option as it provides the better fit. The bleach will be kept in close contact with the teeth and it can also act properly rather than cause irritation to the gums and throat.

Getting your teeth whitened at a salon

The esthetics salon can only do so much as manicure and facial service provider, but they are not the best source for having your teeth whitened. The reason why there are a lot of people going to these places is because of the word “beauty,” when in fact that anything related to teeth, even with dental cosmetology, belongs to the job of a dentist, and not from the salon. You’ll find a lot of whitening products in salons and from beauticians, but you’ll find better ones from the dentists since they know which ones are very effective in whitening up the teeth.

Using whitening toothpaste everyday

Many are led to believe that whitening toothpaste everyday can whiten their teeth. They are able to remove the light stains on the surface of the teeth that are caused by tobacco, tea and coffee. But using it daily can make the teeth look ever worse. A number of these whitening products can be very abrasive and when used daily can wear out your tooth. The ingredient usually found in these whitening products is silica, which is an abrasive compound or particle that has the potential in removing the enamel from the teeth, particularly when the teeth whitening product is overused. They can make your tooth sensitive and look ugly since you have worn them down.

Whenever you are out for a hunt on the proper process of sbiancamento denti, make sure you visit your dentist first.